Academic Calendar

CentrePoint Academy is a special education and transitions program provider primarily serving students in grades K-6 through K-12 and our transition program serves students  ages 18 to 24. Our students may have learning difficulties due to having Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities I/DD and other behavioral and therapeutic support needs. Our goals is to help them overcome the challenges that impede their success in a traditional school setting.

Open Enrollment 

We offer open enrollment to help your child make a smooth transition to a better school environment. Read below to see how we make transferring easy. CentrePoint Academy partners with local school districts with our stand alone school campuses.  Our school year represents a 172 day school year. Summer classes and tutoring are also available.  

Centrepoint Academy is also very unique in that we offers the students in need of support behavioral and therapeutic intervention services for students populations with autism spectrum disorders, learning, emotional and other disabilities. We are a research-based education model, that incorporates supportive therapies, life skills training, and workforce development programs we are always working towards students’ success and their achievements .