At CentrePoint Academy, we are particularly proud of project and community based social community connections program.  Each our students learn invaluable lessons as they move throughout the community and develop the understanding of the world we live. We offer our students the opportunity to intern and be mentored and coached by leading professionals in business and commerce.

We have built successful corporate relationships and job opportunities with some of the nation’s largest corporate businesses. These vitally important businesses provide internships and job opportunities for our students desiring to learn a trade and move forward in life.

We offer our students skills based training, job coaching, mentorship and career exploration.  Community-based instruction is an important aspect of each of our transition program. The students frequent locations including technology businesses, retail stores, community recreation centers, libraries and museums. Important social communication and navigational skills are targeted through meaningful community engagement. 

 The goal of our social community-based instruction program is to provide students with life skills training while they are attending school, and to build the skills and confidence that will allow them to participate in adult day programs, vocational internships or paid employment. CentrePoint Academy’s focus is to help our students to contribute to and participate in the community, and to become adults who experience a full life of purpose, and to be valued in the community as citizens.