Career at CentrePoint Academy

We are committed to excellence and to delivering the highest quality of care and educational programs to our children and families.

CentrePoint Academy is continuously seeking ways to enhance the growth of children and believes in the philosophy of using a variety of creative and innovative ways to bring out the best in our children. We believe in investing more in our teachers and believe the key to success lies in holding our staff to the highest performance standards.he strength of our program is in the dedication of our teaching staff. We support our teachers with ongoing training, resources, and freedom to create a unique learning experience for our children. We provide many opportunities for our teachers to share ideas and grow professionally. Our teachers create a caring and nurturing atmosphere and foster each child’s creativity and positive self-image.

We are looking for highly qualified staff that meet Colorado Department of Human Services requirements 

Executive Director for CentrePoint Academy 

Assistant Executive Director for CentrePoint Academy

Full/Part Time –  Special Education Teachers that (meet the State of Colorado Lead Teacher Qualifications)

Licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA):

Licensed Board Certified Behavior Assistant Analyst (BCBaA):

Licensed Speech and Language Therapist

Licensed Occupational Therapist

Staff Hiring In Process for School Year 2020 and 2021 !!

Please apply by sending email to: