diagnostic & evaluation services

  • CentrePoint Academy Diagnostic & Evaluation Clinic performs evaluations at CentrePoint Academy main location, 21755 E Smoky Hill Road, Aurora, Colorado .
  • We provide developmental evaluations for children from age 18 months through early teenage years.
  • We specialize in testing for possible autism and overall developmental delays, which include speech-language, cognitive, sensory, and gross- and fine-motor delays.
  • Our team provides a multidisciplinary, arena-style evaluation that combines the expertise of a clinical psychologist, speech-language pathologist, and occupational therapist.
  •  We accept Health First Colorado Medicaid, which covers the cost of the evaluation.
  • We have contracts also with private insurance companies.for your convenience. 
  • We also accept private pay; the cost of a CentrePoint Academy Diagnostic & Evaluation is $3,850.
  • Evaluations are performed weekly by scheduled appointment

The following are the required documents needed i order to arrange for your appointment to have the Diagnostic & Evaluation

  • Records Needed for Evaluation
  • Medical records from your child’s Primary Care Provider
  • Birth records from your child’s birth hospital
  • Most recent IFSP or IEP and evaluation report
  • Speech, motor, cognitive, and mental health (if applicable) evaluations or therapy notes
  • Family Insurance Plan Information  

We encourage you to secure any of the above records yourself and include them with your child’s application; otherwise, we will send for records using your signed Release of Information that’s included in the application.