President and CEO of CentrePoint Academy

As President and CEO of CentrePoint Academy, I have reflected on the different choices, that I’ve made in my business career, and have come to the realization, that my life has been Inspired by my Faith in God via the inter-workings of the Holy Spirit in my life. “A Life Inspired”  by God, is a life journey of personal growth and sacrifice of one’s own personal and business pursuits, to answer the call of God. I consider the stewardship over CentrePoint Academy, as one such calling. A call to do something “Extraordinary” for children, youth and families in need.

Our ministry and business entities have climbed so many mountains in these past few years. Major milestones have been achieved in obtaining the State of Colorado licensing approvals for protecting children and youth through Nehemiah Global Foundation as a Child Placement Agency (CPA) for foster and adoption services. In January 2017 we obtained the Health First Colorado Medicaid Certifications for CentrePoint Support Living, LLC as the parent company for CentrePoint Academy, and supporting organization that cares for children, youth and families, in need of compassionate person centered care of their love, ones that have intellectual and developmental disabilities. I am so excited about endless possibilities of working with the “Twice-Exceptional “(2E) children and young adults, that we have a chance to serve.

God has conditioned my heart in these past few years, to see the potential in people versus the constraints of the mental and developmental disabilities of our clients. I have been blessed with the gifts of mercy and compassion to care for the clients, that trust us for comprehensive support living for their disabilities. My heart goes out for the parents and caregivers of the disabled of our community, for they sacrifice so much of their own lives in service of their loved ones. It is my desire that CentrePoint Academy, can lift their burden through the professional and compassionate delivery of our early childhood learning and intervention programs.

Will you partner with us with your Time, Talents and Treasury, in helping financially and prayerfully in the support of the causes we support ?

All the Best,

Terry Williams, President and CEO