Our Programs 

Who We Are

CentrePoint Academy is a Special Education and Transitions Program provider primarily serving students K-6 through K-12 and young adults 18 to 24 through our transition program. The students   we serve may have learning difficulties due to having Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities I/DD and other behavior support needs. We recognize that these behavioral challenges impede success in a traditional school setting. CentrePoint Academy partners with school districts with stand alone school campus that the students are referred to by their local zoned schools. Parents can also directly enroll their students with CentrePoint Academy when it best suits the needs of the student and family.


CentrePoint Academy prides itself in providing a supportive and structured environment in every classroom in order for students to feel safe and step out of their comfort zones to try challenging things. Our curriculum focuses on a Universal Design Learning approach, in order to ensure that content is accessible to all learners and is aligned with Colorado State Standards. The courses offered at CentrePoint Academy are designed for individual educational excellence for every student and are self-paced to ensure that students are being assessed on content understanding. Although CentrePoint Academy enrolls students from 6-12 grades and transition ages 18 to 24 years of age. The skill levels of our students vary and because of our small class sizes, teachers are able to meet each student at their academic level across content areas. Many of our students are twice exceptional (2e) and excel in one subject area while finding challenges in another. Our unique approach to curriculum and instruction allows for all students to be challenged appropriately and show growth.


CentrePoint Academy is in the process of being a fully accredited educational institution through Cognia (formerly AdvancED), which oversees North Central Association of Colleges & Schools. Throughout this accreditation journey every five years CentrePoint Academy will undergoe a rigorous review of our curriculum program, and practices to receive a determination of accreditation as well as professional guidance and accountability for continuous growth. The CentrePoint Academy vision and mission parallels Cognia’s goal to ensure that “all students have the opportunities that knowledge brings.”