CentrePoint Academy Delivers Quality Education For
Special Needs Students
CentrePoint Academy Provides Person Centered
Care For Each of Our Valued Students
We Believe Each of Our Students are Uniquely Gifted
and Can Learn Beyond Their Disability Constraints Education
CentrePoint Academy Learning Challeges Students
Critical Thinking Abilities
CentrePoint Academy Transition Program Provides
Stimulating and Engaging Learning Environment
CentrePoint Academy Provides Evidence Based
Therapies for Students of ABA, SLT, OT & Behavioral
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Welcome To CentrePoint Academy

We are delighted that you have come to see what CentrePoint Academy is bringing to the market in support of children with special needs. We are excited to be a provider of quality education for students with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities I/DD and learning challenges due to ADD and other challenges. We look forward to educating students and partnering with parents that are seeking a more enriching and engaging educational experience.

Behavioral Therapy (ABA)

 Language Therapy (SLT)

Therapy (OT)

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Therapy is an evidenced-based therapeutic
practices that aims to improve quality of life indicators. ABA-based interventions typically focus on proactive strategies and positive reinforcement (providing rewards) to increase socially appropriate behaviors (e.g. skills that will increase independence and quality of life for the individual and their family

Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs)

Is a nationally recognized therapy that is
implemented at either at CentrePoint Academy or can be scheduled as a home-based speech and language treatment programs. CentrePoint Academies Speech Language Pathologists are an integral part of the therapy team as their work directly influences client success.

Occupational Therapists (OT)

Evaluate and treat children and young adults in their homes for:

– Fine motor skills – movements of the hands and fingers

– Hand-eye coordination

– Self-care activities such as dressing and grooming

– Upper body movement and strength

– Sensory/motor impairments – sensory system

We Believe

Each student that we have the opportunity to teach and empower is unique and gifted
in their own way. It is our duty and privilege, to give them our very best as educators.

CentrePoint Academy Transition Program
Empower and Excite the Students to Achieve and Excel at Life