CAreers at centrepoint

Talent Management  

and Lam CentrePoint is always looking for talented individuals who hold themselves to a higher standard of performance. We are always striving for better ways of doing things and in providing the best service possible to our clients and each other. If you would like to join our amazing high-caliber team, please select the option below that best meets your skill set. If you have questions, give us a call. We look forward to meeting you!

 Open Positions 

Special Education Teachers 

School Business Administration 

Student Success Counselor 

Applied Behavioral Analysis – BcBA’ s 

Speech and Language Therapists – SLT

Occupational Therapist – OT

Registered Behavioral Therapist – RBT 

Behavioral  & Mental Health Counselors  

Commitment to Doing the Right Thing by our People 

One of our core beliefs is that the commitment to doing the right thing is what our customers will find compelling. This extends to doing the right thing by our own people. What does doing the right thing by our own people look like?

Providing equal employment opportunities

CentrePoint Academy and its Board of Directors are committed to providing equal employment opportunities and as such, have a workforce consisting of many individuals with diverse skills, values, backgrounds, ethnicity and experiences. 

For CentrePoint Academy a commitment to diversity means ensuring that no individual is excluded from a position, for which he or she is skilled and qualified, by inappropriate systems, practices and attitudes. It also means eliminating barriers to ensure that everyone is considered for the employment of their choice and that our people have the chance to perform to their full potential. 

Main Phone Number: 303-591-2185
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 5161, Greenwood Village, Colorado 80155