Transition Program

 Pre-Transition Program – Ages 14 to 18 

Beginning at age 14, we work with families to identify goals that will help students transition to adulthood, and our teaching focuses on the areas of activities of daily living, vocational skills on site or in the community, or college and career planning. We incorporate multiple group instruction opportunities, ensuring that our students can participate in observational learning, prepare for learning, working and living in less restrictive settings, and engage in meaningful social activities. Our Pre-Transition Program serves students in their teenage years, is focused on targeting the skills that will be necessary for success in life after CentrePoint Academy. 

Our students start to acquire 21 Century job skills. They learn through Social Emotional Learning (SEL) about relationships and increase independence with activities of daily living. They also start to participate in more groups and community based instruction. During this time, staff start to work with families to determine achievable goals for their child’s future. We determine through the baseline assessments tools and the IEPs review where  to focus our attention on skills development necessary to meet those goals.


Transition Program – Ages 18 to 24 

Our Transition Program for ages 18 to 24 aims to improve outcomes for our students in the areas of independent living, community access, self-determination and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Universal Design Learning (UDL) they learn how to build on their strengths and not the constraints of their disability. CentrePoint Academy offers a variety of instructional formats, including virtual learning, personal 1:1studies, small and large groups, STEM competitions, and independent work. Students also benefit from the full range of therapeutic support services applied behavioral analysis, speech therapy, occupational therapy that are provided by CenterPoint’s professional in-house therapist, that are board certified BcBA’ s